In which our intrepid hero wonders who exactly he’s reading.

I just stumbled across an article on media bias from the February 2004 edition of The Reader. (Yes, I know it’s hardly current, but I’m not a subscriber or anything, and wandered into it by accident.)

I don’t know that much about the author, Eric Beecher, save that he’s the new owner of Crikey, so I can’t really comment on his bias. Nonetheless, it’s interesting in light of the constant gripes—mostly from the Right—that journos are all a pack of Lefty scum.

When we distill Beecher’s opinions and average out the correspondents for each outlet, we get the following spectrum (I’ve deleted outlets with only one correspondent listed):

Libertarian Left: ABC Radio
“Small L” Liberal: The Age
Moderate Left: The Australian
Centre: Sydney Morning Herald, Financial Review
Moderate Right: Daily Telegraph, 2UE
Arch-Conservative: Weekend Australian
Red Neck: Herald-Sun

As you can see, there’s a marked difference between The Australian’s weekday and weekend editions; I’m curious how this reflects in each edition’s demographics.

When we distill it further to owners of outlets, we get the following averages:

Libertarian Left: ABC
Moderate Left: Fairfax
Moderate Right: Newscorp
Tory Values: Southern Cross Radio

Which, I suppose, means that the ABC are a bunch of Lefty ratbags after all, and that talkback radio relies on opinionated, hard-line conservative jerks for ratings. As if we didn’t know this already.

Still, it’s nice to have someone else’s subjective data to back up one’s own biases.