In which our intrepid hero finds that his favourite news source could be a terrorist front.

The train to work was eerily silent this morning. The bombings in London arrived like a slap in the face. Not that the media helped; they were busy scaring Australian commuters with threats of bombings here and interrogating stunned passengers in Sydney, just as they stepped off flights from Heathrow:

Your family just blew up; here, let me force-feed you a microphone. By the way, you arrived just in time to see Australia wiped off the map.

For the past twelve hours, news coverage has been streaming from London, either direct from the BBC, or filtered through domestic news outlets. This morning, an al-Qaeda-affiliated group finally claimed responsibility on an "Islamic website that they are frequently known to use". The coverage then invariably cut to two websites. You can find the first of them here.

Strange, that. I’ve been a subscriber to Spiegel‘s English-language RSS feed for months now, and it never occurred to me that they might be a front for al-Qaeda.

Maybe because they’re not.