In which our intrepid hero laughs, cries and ponders the diversity of the Web.

The first is a collection of photos documenting reactions to the London bombing, appropriately called I Am Fucking Terrified. And, as much as I hate to spoil it, this is one of the prize pictures:

The second is one of those graphic-representation information tools—this time linked to Google News. It’s called NewsMap. Essentially, the larger the area a story takes up, the more important it is. Check out this map of today’s Australia news.

The last is a webcomic on—wait for it—user interface design: OK/Cancel. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound like much, but the comic rings so true if you’ve ever had to design websites for a living. Plus, you get a groovy little mini-lecture/blog post thingy on interface design with each edition, so it passes as educational as well. Sort of. It’s also funny, from time to time.