In which our intrepid hero breaks an oath.

Brogden’s faux pas and subsequent resignation as Opposition Leader has left me somewhat at a loose end. And this is where I get all meta on you…

I am, as I’ve previously stated, a member of the Liberal Party. I’m also a member of the same… erm… ideological collective as Brogden. I’m not quite as way out there as Magical Misadventures might indicate; thus far, I’ve only cited the stranger incidents of my life here. Strange as they may be, much of the rest of my life can be mind-numbingly, distressingly mundane.

Previously, I’ve declined to comment on politics, for reasons cited here. But thanks to unexpected support from friends, both inside and outside the Party—coupled with the fact that things are getting too damned interesting not to comment on—I’ve decided to let loose.

End meta.

For those of you outside New South Wales (or blissfully ignorant of news in general), John Brogden resigned today over a, frankly, stupid offhand comment about former Premier Bob Carr’s wife—and the fondling of at least two journalists. All at a function held by the Australian Hoteliers’ Association.

Nearly a year ago, whilst I was between jobs, I decided to rock up to the AHA and get the two certificates I needed so that I could fall back on bar work, if absolutely necessary. One of these was the RSA, or Statement of Attainment: Responsible Service of Alcohol.

One of the tenets of the RSA is that patrons who are intoxicated, disruptive or violent should be escorted from the premises. Preferably before they can cause trouble. Now, with all these hoteliers around, how is it that not one noticed that Broggo was a little tipsy? Did they all forget their RSA training?

Brogden’s dilemma has, in turn, created a dilemma for myself. Things are not going well for those Liberals who aren’t blessed with the delusion of divine blessing. This latest event bodes even less well. The numbers simply don’t look good, especially since Brogden has stepped down.

In our opposite corner lies the divinely-inspired David Clarke. And that’s probably all I can say about him without being sued. Now I know how KB* felt.

But I suppose I can comment on Bronwyn Bishop, who is actually one of the more "normal" figures in the Right in NSW.

Recently, Bronwyn addressed the shortfall in defence recruitments with a novel plan: start enlisting recruits—particularly in the Navy—from the age of 14. After all, they did it in colonial times.

I can only surmise that Bronwyn’s sudden interest in rum, sodomy and the lash is a circumspect attempt to secure herself a ticket to this year’s Sleaze Ball. But I could be wrong; it happens occasionally.

Personally, I would’ve started by determining why recruitments had fallen off, and then fix it and wait for results. Say, by generating foreign policy that doesn’t emphatically suck, then letting the gung-ho types catch up. After all, people tend to vote with their feet, and won’t want to put their lives on the line if you can’t give them a good excuse to.

Bronwyn also supports Sophie Panopoulos’ call for the hijab (the veil worn by many Muslim women) to be banned in schools. Apparently, this is an issue of cultural dominance, whatever that is. Where, might I ask, will this stop? Will we hold down Hindus and make them eat good, Aussie beef? Or forcibly regraft foreskins onto Jews?

For the first time in my life, I’m beginning to worry about this country. Where formerly, elected officials tended to be merely incompetent, now, they’re beginning to scare me. And Brogden’s loose tongue and wandering hands haven’t exactly halted the slide into Bedlam.

*KB: a political reporter who I once met on campaign. Her editor refused to publish accurate stories on our opponent, lest the paper be perceived as outrageously biased.