In which our intrepid hero reveals his interest in farm equipment, witnesses a suicide and comes to admire a sworn enemy.

The other night, with nothing better to do, I watched The New Inventors on the ABC with my flatmate; the night’s winner was a revolutionary new design of plough. Don’t laugh.

As the programme ended, my flatmate and I went out onto the balcony for a cigarette; I explained the enormous positive effect that such a device would have on grain farming. Whilst talking about running costs of farm machinery (don’t ask me how I know this stuff), I zippoed up, and looked down into the backyard:

I was dumbstruck, staring down from a two-storey height at the remains of a teddy-bear suicide. What could a child do that would drive a bear to such an act of despair and desperation?

On a somewhat lighter (but not much less surreal) note, check out this post from Wil Wheaton’s blog—what happens when you flick on the TV and find The Family Guy taking the piss out of a role that (unfortunately) defined your career.

Yep, Wil’s the guy who used to play Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Like the rest of the world, I used to have a diehard loathing for Wil/Wesley; that all changed when he started writing a column for Dungeon magazine. Turns out he’s a real person. A roleplayer. A geek. Having read through a fair amount of his blog, I’m really starting to admire the guy.

Although I wish he’d stop rabbiting on about poker. D&D is much cooler.