In which our intrepid hero feels like his head has been pounded in.

MyYahoo! was down again this morning, so I was forced to reach back into my primordial memory to recall which news sites I used to read in the dark days before my life was filled with nummy RSSified goodness. And, thus, I stumbled onto ENWorld.

Two notable highlights are that the Women of the Camarilla Calendar 2006 is now on sale, and that the Sci-Fi Channel are premiering the sequel to the Dungeons & Dragons movie.

Firstly, the calendar. The cover copy reads: "For years, White Wolf’s Camarilla Fan Club has broken the myth of all-male gaming with a diverse population of live-action players, including many women."

Apparently, this calendar is being marketed as a statement of equality—"See? We have chicks!"

Yeah, right. Car mechanics have been doing this for decades: posting skin calendars up on the walls of their workshops to prove what devoted feminists they are. Why doesn’t White Wolf just cut the crap and admit that they’re using sex to sell a product line. And give us neanderthals some real cheesecake to holler and drool over.

Wizards of the Coast has a brief press release on the premiere of D&D II—straight to cable. Which I don’t have, damn shame that that is. I might even take up the opportunity to watch this if it comes my way; there’s a sick, voyeuristic part of me that wonders if they could do a worse job on the sequel.

And that’s about all I can write at the moment. The building is—quite literally—being demolished around me, and there’s a jackhammer going on the next floor up, directly above my head. I just can’t concentrate. I can see that I’m not going to get much work done today.