In which our intrepid hero finally gets some much-deserved relaxation.

The past week or so, despite the fact that I’m officially on holiday, has been as busy as all hell. Once I got the whole Christmas pudding thing out of the way, I spent the next couple of days catching up on last-minute shopping, although I had to work around my sister’s schedule; her severe sleep apnoea leaves her in an almost constant state of driver fatigue, and she needs someone to ensure that she doesn’t nod off at the wheel.

Nonetheless, I got my shopping done, although I had to spend an hour-and-a-half on a train to track down a copy of Queen of the Damned in Brisbane, was accosted by a Queensland Health Department official and threatened with a $150 fine for smoking within four metres of the entrance to Garden City shopping mall (the easy solution here is to move your friggin’ park benches away from the entrance; it’s bad enough that I have to risk skin cancer, as well as lung cancer, now that I can’t smoke anywhere indoors, but why should I have to stand for a cigarette when I’ve been walking around, shopping bags in hand, all day?) and contracted a mild case of food poisoning from dodgy sushi.

I also came away with a $5.50 model of a mammoth, in a case that looks suspiciously like a buttplug.

At some time around 05:15 yesterday, my sister and her husband finally bundled themselves into their RAV4 and headed to Sydney, leaving me to my own devices. And I actually feel like I’m getting a handle on this "relaxation" thing. I spent the first half of yesterday in bed, and most of the rest playing Civilization IV; I also watched Alexander and The Corporation on DVD and finished reading Jennifer Government.

The latter was a pleasant surprise; I didn’t have high expectations, but Max Barry seems to write like Ben Elton, but without the annoying, narcissistic petit-bourgeois-prole-wannabe crap that Elton tends to let fly at every opportunity. Jennifer Government isn’t exactly deep, but at least it’s entertaining.

And now, I ponder what I shall do for the rest of the day (apart from doing a load of washing, feeding the cats, &c). I’ve just been for a swim (for the first time since I got to Queensland), and I’m thinking I might head out to catch a movie or two.

Or maybe, I’ll just sit around and veg out—again. I’m starting to get the hang of this…