In which our intrepid hero gripes further about anti-terrorism laws.

The federal government has released further details on the new counter-terrorism laws, as endorsed by every state Premier. To quote the Sydney Morning Herald:

Suspected terrorists as young as 16 will face house arrest for up to a year without being convicted of an offence under sweeping laws agreed to by all Australian governments.

Strange, when gangs in Cabramatta do this, it’s considered a crime. Furthermore:

Suspects detained will be allowed to contact a lawyer. However, they will be allowed to tell only family members and their employer that they are safe but cannot be contacted.

I’m not an employer, but still, if someone who worked for me went AWOL for a year, I wouldn’t want to give them their job back—no matter how safe and uncontactable they’ve been.

Despite trying to rush the legislation through a Senate review committee too quickly for them to do anything about it, said committee still managed to poke 52 holes in the bill. Unfortunately, the bill has now been carried into law.