In which our intrepid hero receives the low-down from a man with an issue.

I don’t often get to talk to crazy people as often as I used to (actually, I don’t get to talk to obviously crazy people), but what they have to say invariably fascinates me. About a month ago, I was walking to the train station, on my way home from work, when a man handed a sheaf of papers, including the following, to me:

This guy, who was probably in his fifties or sixties, believed that he’d found biblical proof that Vladimir Putin was none other than the Antichrist.

This hinged on the fact that Vladimir translates as world prince, hence prince of worldly things, hence the Antichrist. Furthermore, because prince derives from the Latin princeps, or first, it conjured all sorts of First and Last/Alpha and Omega images in this poor schlump’s head. Whilst a number of Chechens may agree with this analysis, I’m a little more sceptical.

To begin with, mir is also Russian for peace, thus making old Putin the Prince of Peace. And Alpha and Omega, from what I can recall of Revelations, actually refers to the second coming of Christ. Therefore, there’s just a strong case that Vladimir Putin is the Second Coming.

Not that I recall Revelations mentioning that Jesus had a black belt in judo, nor that he had a career in the KGB, but he is supposed to come back to kick sinners’ butts…

Stay tuned. If the world ends any time soon, we’ll see either way. Remember, you heard it here first.