In which our intrepid hero comes to understand that life sometimes imitates not just art, but 1980s horror movies as well.

There is much ado in Jerusalem—not that that’s anything unusual, in and of itself. But the siting of a particular development has local Muslims up in arms. And it comes complete with a coating of delicious, frosty irony. To quote the Sydney Morning Herald:

Palestinian Muslims are seeking an urgent court injunction to prevent the Simon Wiesenthal Centre building a $US200 million ($270 milllion) "museum of tolerance" on a former Muslim graveyard in Jerusalem.

Israeli media reports say at least 150 skeletons have already been dug up without the involvement or permission of the Islamic Waqf, Jerusalem’s principal Muslim religious body. […]

[A spokesman for the Simon Wiesenthal Center] rejected criticism from non-Jewish Jerusalemites who complain that Muslims, Christians and Armenians have not been consulted about their own suffering for the tolerance project, which seems to focus mainly on Jewish concerns.

So, not only are they building a "tolerance museum" on Muslim holy ground (in the third holiest city in Islam, no less) against the local Muslims’ wishes, and (apparently) ignoring gentile history, but it’s also on a graveyard. Sort of like in Poltergeist.

How long before we start seeing visitors to the cafeteria mysteriously choking to death on kosher friands during Ramadan? And do Muslim ghosts stop haunting during the daily calls to prayer?

Big, big trouble.