In which our intrepid hero wonders if he should reanimate one of his all-time favourite dead authors.

An interesting little tidbit from AAP that I nearly missed today…

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock says he wants to consider tighter censorship controls on controversial publications […]

Mr Ruddock asked the Classification Review Board to reassess the books’ classification after the Australian Federal Police and Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions ruled in May that they did not incite violence or breach sedition laws.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but I get kinda miffy when I hear about books being burnt—I mean banned, of course. Something about it just gets my hackles up.

I’ve met Ruddock a couple of times, and whilst he’s a nice guy and generally very intelligent, he does strike me as a little, I dunno… I get the feeling he came from Croglin Grange, is all. His family doctor is probably Herbert West, late of Arkham, MA.

Maybe he would know something about Books Which No Man Was Supposed To Read, then.

Still, I’d prefer that the authority on the subject had the job: HP Lovecraft. At least, that way, I could wander through dingy bookshops without fear of encountering cosmic evil, and—as a spinoff—universities in Western Australia might get a little extra for their archaeology budgets.