In which our intrepid hero notices that which has eluded a certain NSW parliamentarian.

An interesting article appeared in today’s Sydney Morning Herald:

The NSW Opposition Leader, Peter Debnam, says he will refer the Police Minister, Carl Scully, to the Independent Commission Against Corruption today after Mr Scully said police willing to leak sensitive information to the press should "hand in their badge".

Mr Debnam claimed last night that Mr Scully was "intimidating whistleblowers".

Strangely enough, it reminds me of another interesting article in the SMH last week:

The NSW Liberal Party has moved to quash all dissent within its ranks by suspending four party members for 12 months for writing critical letters to their local newspapers about internal party issues. […]

Party members have described the suspensions as heavy-handed and said the right-dominated state executive used its dominance to overrule the constitution and impose the 12-month sentences—up from the maximum four months—for speaking to the media without authorisation.

It raises the question about what penalties may be imposed on four Liberals who spoke out on Four Corners last week. […]

[T]he Opposition Leader, Peter Debnam, declined to comment.

So, would he like to comment now? Or should we wait until someone drags him before ICAC for—what were his words?—oh, yes, "intimidating whistleblowers"?