In which our intrepid hero wonders if certain things will ever show up.

I spend a fair amount of my life waiting. Waiting for the train. Waiting for the workday to end. Waiting until payday, so I can eat something that isn’t instant noodles.

There are also other things I wait for—say, the latest (mostly) monthly update of Jonathan Tweet‘s website, or the last instalment of Wolfgang Baur’s excellent Adventure Builder series, or David Conyers’ Secrets of Kenya for Call of Cthulhu.

Tweet’s website is about six weeks overdue. I figure he’s just a pretty busy guy. No biggy. The other two are a little more troubling, however.

Baur hinted on his blog (here) that Adventure Builder Part 6 has been written, but that WotC haven’t put it up on the site yet. What gives, godammit? It was due three weeks ago! I hate cliffhangers! And I’m rapidly using up my monthly allotment of exclamation marks!

As for Secrets of Kenya, my need is a little more dire. I want to run Masks of Nyarlathotep for my players (in fact, they’re nagging me for it). I know I could run it without another sourcebook, but Kenya is a big, black hole as far as source material goes.

(Yeah, sure, I could wing it, but my players handed me the opportunity to run “the thing I’ve always wanted to run”, and I want to make damn sure it’s the coolest and most verisimilitudinal—if that’s a word— experience they’ve ever had.)

From what I can tell, Secrets of Kenya is written. It’s been edited. It’s just waiting on art.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Andy Hopp did the cover art. I’ve noticed his name in a few Chaosium products in the past couple of years, and it looks like his style. I’m not a huge fan of Hopp’s work, incidentally. Not that I hate it or anything—it’s just that I’ve seen better. He’s improving, though, which is good.

Still, I guess if Chaosium is holding projects back, not because of money, but due to lack of artists, I should probably get off my butt and send a portfolio in, myself…