In which our intrepid hero is stunned by the courts’ reaction to the bleeding obvious.

In one of the books (I can’t remember which) in his “Lazarus Long” series, Robert Heinlein mentions that on the Moon, insanity is not accepted as a defence for rape because, in fact, no sane person would be capable of committing such a crime.

Bearing that in mind, those readers who’ve resided in Sydney for the last couple of years may well be familiar with the case of Brendan McMahon; the former financier achieved a degree of local notoriety. From an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, from August last year:

Brendan McMahon could be a model for the sensitive New Age guy. He says he sponsors eight children in Guatemala, is a long-term member of the NSW Art Gallery Society and a successful financier. He even claims he was voted bachelor of the year in 1998.

But the New Zealand-born man has now been charged with bestiality and animal cruelty.

Police allege that McMahon, 36, of North Sydney, had sexual relations with one of 18 rabbits whose mutilated carcasses have been dumped in the city over the past three weeks.

…and from another article, last November:

His purpose in life was to release captive animals from pet stores, and create “safe havens” for them that were “free of predators”.

Yesterday, after a psychiatric report was presented to court, a charge of bestiality against the financier was dropped.

The Herald understands it was because prosecutors are unable to prove he used his penis to penetrate the rabbits, a requirement of that charge.

There have been further developments in the case, as another article in today’s SMH shows:

A Sydney financier who was jailed for 16 months over the mutilation deaths of 17 rabbits and a guinea pig has successfully appealed his conviction on the grounds of mental illness.

Well, what a welcome relief this must be for all the totally sane animal-mutilating bunnyfuckers out there—at least they won’t have Mr McMahon tarnishing their good name any more.