In which our intrepid hero gets a chance to read newspapers—for the first time in a while.

I came across some interesting newspaper articles today.

I’ve been blogging a bit about an Aleister Crowley biography that I’ve been reading (more to come soon, I promise!), and all of a sudden, I stumbled across this article in The Age, containing claims against the Australian arm of the OTO. The Satanic Panic is still alive and kicking, it seems. I just wonder how long it’ll be before they start going after roleplayers again…

Also in Melbourne, someone stole live overhead cabling from the rail system, stranding hundreds of commuters during peak hour. Maybe the two are linked…

I also (very randomly) came across a list of tourist highlights in Sydney, from (of all places) the New York Times. I went into instant prole shock as I read it: how the hell can anyone contemplate spending $AU360 a night for accommodation? Or the amounts they suggest for many of the so-called other “sights” in the article?

Granted, I’ve done Captain Cook Cruises’ coffee cruise (which I won in a trivia fundraiser) and have enjoyed Taronga Zoo once or twice, but most of the other attractions, I suspect, must’ve had some sort of commercial arrangement with the NYT.

In short, if you’re a superficial twit with far too many greenbacks to throw around, then by all means, the NYT article is spot-on. But if you object to paying for everything through the nose and hobnobbing it with the bar equivalent of the banana slug, then by all means consult a local before you come here.

Then again, I guess that applies everywhere.