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What’s your favourite movie (and do you own it on DVD)? How many DVDs do you own now?

Apocalypse Now Redux is my favourite movie, although at times it comes second to V for Vendetta; I have both on DVD. I’ve lost count of the number of DVDs I have, but it’s possibly around the 400-title mark.

What is the one thing that you love most in the world that you could not live without?

Um… masturbation?

Seriously, I think it’d either have to be my collection of Call of Cthulhu sourcebooks or my computer. The former I just love to death; as for the latter, my productivity just drops through the floor if I don’t have a computer on hand.

Before your current employment, how did you finance your life (and we want the truth!)?

Every St Patrick’s Day, I’d invest a small fortune on grog and carouse with Irish backpackers, in the hope that one or two may actually have been leprechauns. Sometimes, it paid off, and I’d drink the little bugger under the table. I’d only let him go if he took me to his pot of gold; if you’ll pardon the expression, I made a mint off that.

Yes, truth is a very malleable concept. Damn leprechauns and their curses…

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