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Why don’t you get around to seeing a dentist?

Because I’m a romantic at heart—if anyone asks to stick some sort of device in one of my orifices, I’d like to know them pretty well beforehand. And I guess I just haven’t found the right dentist yet.

Do you ever intend to replace your glasses (the frames of which at least were bought when you were 16, from memory)?

Yes and no. I’ve had many pairs of glasses since I got these ones, but they’ve all died ignominious deaths. I rarely wear my glasses outside the house anyway, and my prescription hasn’t changed in over 20 years. I might get a new pair sometime, but I’m just as likely to get my eyes lasered.

You really don’t have enough to occupy your mind do you?

No, not at all—which is why it’s taken me nearly 18 months to get off my butt and answer these things.

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