In which our intrepid hero mourns the passing of one of his greatest heroes.

Robert Anton Wilson died yesterday from complications following post-polio syndrome.

As I mentioned here, Wilson was one of the great inspirations for my worldview. I guess he taught me that the world was a magical, strange place, full of wonder wherever I wanted to look for it. He taught me to question and to contemplate. He taught me that the greatest act a man can embark upon is not to become wealthy, nor respected, but merely to try become a decent human being.

He will be sorely missed. I’d always dreamt of meeting him one day. I thought, if I could only ask him one question, what would it be? And then I’d pose that one.

Maybe in the next life.

At least this means that I stand a chance of finally catching up and buying the final few of his books that I don’t already have. Small consolation, that.