In which our intrepid hero makes his only comment prior to the 2007 NSW Election.

Things have been incredibly busy lately, with the State Election coming up in just over a week, and Mim K/W now working on Sundays, selling organic cosmetics at the market. I apologise for my blogging laxity; I’ve had plenty of ideas, but, generally, I haven’t had enough time to do much with them.

That out of the way, I promised myself I wouldn’t comment on the State Election, at least not before the fact. But parts of this article from the Sydney Morning Herald were a little beyond belief:

More than 3000 passengers on three trains without air-conditioning were trapped between stations after overhead wiring problems caused a northbound train to break down between Wynyard and the bridge at about 5.40pm. Tens of thousands others had their evening journey home disrupted. […]

Passengers on one southbound Tangara train noticed problems after the train left North Sydney station about 5.20pm. […]

After taking on more passengers at Milsons Point the train moved about 200 metres south of the platform before stopping.

The passengers would not be able to get off the train for another 2½ hours, after their rescue train also broke down. […]

Furious passengers who walked across train tracks to Milsons Point station found there were no buses or other transport waiting for them. […]

The rail network was up and running again at 10.15pm.

However, that’s not the alarming part…

This week the Liberal leader, Peter Debnam, said transport was not the No. 1 issue, and he would delay releasing his party’s transport policy until after the election. [emphasis mine]

Not to be too blunt, but isn’t the entire point of an election campaign to inform the public of your policies? And this guy wants to be Premier?

More after the State Election.