In which our intrepid hero explores the “other” side of gaming.

Off work again today.

Although I guessed that, by law of averages, there must be a gay roleplaying demographic out there, it hadn’t struck me as a specific niche market.’s tabletop gaming section lives in that niche, and whilst I’ll try not to belittle it with adjectives like super or fabulous, it’s one of the better roleplaying blogs out there, with plenty even for those of us with more staid tastes in significant others.

Case in point: their list of the Top 10 Gayest Tabletop Characters:

I’ve GM’d both the original Temple and the sequel, Return (you can read about my disastrous final couple of sessions here and here), and whilst I’ve always had my suspicions about Rufus and Burne, I never could quite put my finger on it; my gamer-gaydar was obviously on the blink.

They’ve also got links to the entire infamous Collect Call of Cathulhu episode of The Real Ghostbusters, the awesomely kickarse Road to Mithril Hall and much, much more.

It’s almost enough to make a wyrm turn…

(Via ENWorld.)