In which our intrepid hero finds at least one April Fools’ prank funny.

One of the benefits of living only a couple of time zones west of the International Date Line is that if you manage to hide yourself away from everyone you know for the earlier half of April 1st (you only suffer pranks till noon in Commonwealth countries), you get to sit back for nearly 36 hours and watch the rest of the world suffer the slings and arrows of prats and smartarses.

And occasionally, there’s a trick or hoax that’s worth taking notice of. Even more occasionally, there’s one that elicits a non-predatory grin.

Alongside such marvels of roleplaying tomfoolery as the Tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo lies the equally bizarre story of the Head of Vecna.

To put this story in persepctive for the non-roleplayers (and the, oh, three roleplayers in the world who don’t know about him) out there, Vecna was an extremely powerful undead wizard who was apparently destroyed, leaving only his left eye and left hand behind.

(The story got more complicated over the years, so let’s just stick with that.)

Anyway, the idea was that if your character came across either the Hand or the Eye of Vecna, they could remove the corresponding body part and replace it with the Hand or the Eye. They’d receive awesome magic powers, but they’d become horribly evil and equally horribly cursed by doing so.

Gouging out an eye or amputating a hand are pretty serious surgical operations, but self-decapitation… I think you see where this is going.

As a homage to the story, and to celebrate April Fools’, Wizards of the Coast have posted an adventure, detailing the quest for the Head of Vecna.

Now you, too, can shepherd your dimwit players through the strangest prank in D&D, whilst experiencing the joys of avoiding internal injury by holding in torrents of laughter at their pathetic intellects…

That so rocks.

In other news, Martin Ralya echoes my sentiments exactly in his April Fools’ Day post on a supposed Forgotten Realms movie. Nice one, dude.