In which our intrepid hero finds treasure in his garage.

This afternoon, Mim K/W put a lamb roast in the oven. Originally, she’d planned it for lunch, but we’d slept in too long, so we decided to have it for dinner instead. That hadn’t stopped us from slicing off a couple of choice morsels, however.

In order to temporarily sate our driving appetite for meat—and save at least some of the lamb for dinner—we sliced off a couple of chunks of ham-and-chicken roll from a tube of meat that we bought yesterday; at less than a dollar a tube, it makes a good, cheap snack.

Soon afterwards, we headed downstairs to find some of Mim’s clothes in the garage. Recalling the ham-and-chicken roll, Mim laughed, “I swear I was a cannibal in a previous life.”

As Mim rummaged away, I took clothes to a basket outside the garage door, spotting something unusual on the way back in: a sheet of paper sticking out of one of my books. I don’t normally do this, as I have so many books, and generally read them so rapidly, that I’m likely to lose the bit of paper in question.

I puled it out, and realised that the paper must’ve been Mim’s. It was folded in half; one side had “BITE ME” printed on it, and the other, “YES” I guessed it must’ve been dropped when Mim moved in, and one of our friends stuffed it in the nearest book.

I asked her about it, and she said it was from her days doing IT phone support.

If she spent too long on a call, someone would inevitably wander up with a piece of paper that said, “IS EVERYTHING OK?”. She would pick up her piece of paper and flash “YES”. Then the other person would turn over their piece of paper to read “HURRY UP THEN” and Mim would flash “BITE ME” back at them.

And the title of the book in which I found the paper? Cannibalism: The Last Taboo.