In which our intrepid hero boasts one his cooler purchases.

I forgot to mention last post that I’d finally found something at Carrara Markets which I’d been looking for for some time.

Back in the day, Chessex (I think) did a special-edition set of polyhedral dice for Call of Cthulhu. Regardless of what foul lineage from which it spawned, I picked up a set quite some time ago.

Since then, Dave’s Cthulhu Dice gained a sort of notoriety. Their awesome reputation for “player-hating” spread far and wide. Every time I reached for my dice, my players would cringe, in the hope that the Cthuhlu Dice wouldn’t come out. When things got tough when I was using other dice, they’d whisper that the Cthulhu Dice had contaminated them…

They’ve served me well over the years, my Cthulhu Dice, and they more than deserve a home of their own, a reward for many fond gaming memories. I’m not retiring them by any means, but I feel that they’ve earned somewhere special to live.

And here it is:

I found it in a secondhand goods stall at Carrara. It’s a tin-plated (I think) wooden jewellery box with a black velvet lining, made in India. Best of all—and don’t tell my dice this—it only set me back seven bucks.

With any luck, my Cthulhu Dice will be pleased with their new home—and be the terror of players for years to come.