In which our intrepid hero bids farewell to one of gaming’s unsung heroes.

I just read, over at Jeff Rients’ blog, that Tom Moldvay has died.

He wasn’t someone whose name would ring a bell unless you’ve been roleplaying for quite some time, but he wrote and edited some of the classic adventures that really brought D&D alive for many of its early players. He wasn’t the George Washington of gaming, so much as he was the George Washington Carver, a man whose immense contribution to the hobby is often overlooked.

Although we never knew each other, never met, never corresponded, his loss is felt deeply, even if only by this grognard over the other side of the Pacific. Rest in Peace, Mr Moldvay.

That and the changes at Paizo, in one day. It never rains, but it pours.

(Update: I changed the link to Moldvay’s bibliography to the much more comprehensive list at Jeff’s Gameblog.)