In which our intrepid hero addresses the oft-neglected use of the spear.

Several years ago, I played a character named Thune in a short-lived D&D campaign. Thune was a big, hulking lad, a kind of cut-price Weyland; I’d envisaged him as a legendary weaponsmith in the making. (More on this in a later post.)

The culture from which all the PCs hailed was known for its mastery of the spear, and Thune was to be a prime example of this. However, there was a significant problem with this: the Core Rules largely ignore the versatility of the spear, treating it pretty much as a sharpened pool cue.

Whilst this works fine whilst treating the spear as a massed-combat weapon, it dumbs down things down for individual wielders. Take a look at Troy for one of the better depictions of spear combat.

As far as I can tell, only Green Ronin’s Bow & Blade (with its two Spear Wind feats and its Speardancer prestige class) really gives the spear its due. (Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to this book when I was playing Thune.)

I’d like to do something for my WoAdWriMo submission that will make players sit up and take notice of the spear. I’m not sure what just yet, but it’s a good goal to aim for. I want to introduce a couple of memorable crunchy things in the adventure, and spear-related stuff would be a nice start.