In which our intrepid hero puzzles at a cryptic comment left on his blog.

If you look through my blog, you’ll notice that it suffers a lack of reader coments. It’s a bit of a sore point with me; a fair few of my friends read Black-Clad, but choose to ring me or email me with comments rather than post them here.

I’ve received a couple of comments in the last week, though. One was from the author of Neitherworld Stories, thanking me for my recommendation in this post, but the other one was the following comment, which I received this morning:

Dogs always fuck every Afghan women.
All Afghan women always fuck dogs and donkey.
phallus of Persian workers always goto Afghan women.
کیر سگ تو کس زنان افغان
گوه خوک تو کس ننه افغانی ها

Blogger is usually quite good at blocking comment spam, and it’s rare for something like this to even get through to moderation. However, the truly strange thing is that it was a comment on a post that I broke up into several parts (the list of which can be found here) and deleted last January.

Although they look to be Arabic, I guess (given the context) that the last two lines could, instead, be Farsi. If anyone out there understands them, could you please post a translation in the comments? Is it some bizarre bilingual attempt at a lewd limerick or something?