In which our intrepid hero discovers that he was once a member of a proud and ancient profession.

I suppose I should probably get around to putting up some original content. I’ve been busy working on my family tree, my WoAdWriMo project, my Call of Cthulhu campaign and sourcing cat photos for a screensaver for Mim K/W, and it’s only left me time to jot down some ideas for blog entries, but not enough time to actually complete them. I promise I’ll do that soon.

In the meantime, I stumbled across this Norwegian comedy sketch on YouTube (via Cosmic Variance). Having once been in IT support (and having a fair few friends—including readers of this blog—in the industry), I can’t help but think that maybe these guys are onto something. Given the IT illiteracy that I so often saw, it wouldn’t surprise me if mediaeval scholars had a similar problem…