In which our intrepid hero realises that he has entirely too much time on his hands.

Every so often, I have an extremely stupid idea, one that might just be stupid enough to work.

When Mim K/W broke up with her ex, said ex ended up with the vast majority of her DVD collection. We’ve made a list, and we’re slowly trying to reassemble the collection. Amongst the DVDs we have to re-purchase is a complete set of Danielle Steel movies.

After I wrote the other day’s post on Queen of the Amazons, my mind wandered whilst washing the dishes. With the strains of Die Walküre whirling in my head, I wondered why Wagner’s Ring Cycle never seems to’ve gotten the RPG treatment that, say, Lord of the Rings has.

And then, my thoughts spun off into a train of free association: Wagner’s Ring Cycle ([1], [2], [3] and [4])… Tolkien’s Lord of the RingsKôji Suzuki‘s and Hideo Nakata‘s respective Ringu trilogies… Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five RingsDanielle Steel‘s The Ring… the NiebelungenliedRing a Ring O’ Roses

How cool would it be to run a D&D campaign that combined all these? Nordic samurai chasing a cursed ring across the plague-afflicted countryside, pursued by yūrei and angry dwarves—with Danielle Steel added for extra schmaltz?