In which our intrepid hero reports on the continuing saga of his WoAdWriMo submission.

Just a quick one today—Mim K/W has a job interview in the city this morning, and I’m filling in time whilst she gets ready.

The bad news is that I haven’t actually gotten too much more of Chaddma’s Legacy down on paper (or word processor) over the past week: a few notes, some stats and a handful of coats of arms which form plot points in the first and second acts.

The good news, however, is that it’s all starting to gel much better. I have a bad habit when I write, which I was trying to avoid this time around. I write like zymurgy—I have all the basic ingredients in my head, and I bottle them all in the end, but a fair amount of fermentation takes place in between.

This means that I tend to freak out a bit with impending deadlines, although I usually pull it together in the end.

I have the bad guys’ strategy, tactics and social structure firmly implanted in my brain, as well as the detail of the plot and most of the NPCs for Act I, and the broad outlines for Acts II and III. Getting it written down shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, so long as I can get a few days to myself next week.

Some of the graphics might take a while, but I’ve expected that all along. The Fantasy Cartography vidcast at Zombie Nirvana has also given me a few ideas on how to speed this up.

Unfortunately, my slackness, the events related last post and the fact that one of my players is having a huge birthday party this weekend means that I won’t have a chance to playtest Chaddma’s Legacy before the end of June.

At the risk of mixing metaphors, I’m going to have to fly this baby in by the seat of my pants. Then again, I’ve been GMing on-and-off for nearly 22 years, so I guess I can predict most possible player reactions.

At least this way, I won’t have to waste precious time memorising the minutiae of D&D3.5 combat mechanics yet again. Here’s to small mercies…