In which our intrepid hero briefly has his brain taken over by the world’s shortest adult actor to perform in a leading role.

Yesterday, I had the grave misfortune to discover the existence of Weng Weng, the diminutive Filipino action hero. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue; it would just trip my awesome meter and that would be that.

But I had all sorts of trouble getting the song out of my head. If anything, it was even more infectious than Rapcat’s Meow Meow.

Only one thing would cure me: I had to find something just as novel and cool to displace the tribute to the late Filipino midget. I’ve gone weeks trying to wrestle with things like this in the past. All I can do is wait until something interesting finds me.

Thankfully, I went through my feeds this morning, and stumbled across this (via Cat Macros):

The quote, of course, is from my all-time favourite movie, which ratchets it up the awesome meter by several orders of magnitude.

And now, the 84cm Bond clone now longer infects my brain. There is a God, and His name is Kurtz

(Note to Matt W: I told you midgets were bad for the soul!)