In which our intrepid hero draws a map.

I’ve been a fan of Malhavoc Press for a long time, and if I have to pick a favourite Malhavoc book, it would be Beyond Countless Doorways. BCD is a collection of alternate planes or worlds for D&D, painted in broad strokes with none of that annoying “Great Wheel Cosmology” crap that’s lingered pointlessly in the background of the core system for the last thirty years or so.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with Visio lately, seeing how well it does diagrams—not too shabbily, it turns out. I still haven’t managed to get a useable career progression chart together for Warhammer FRP 1st ed (a task which I suspect to be impossible anyway), but I did manage quite a nice diagram of the planes in Beyond Countless Doorways:

Click for a more readable version.

I’ve seen a couple of maps like this online, but they never had the simplicity of this one; you always had to go look up some table somewhere to identify which plane on the diagram was which. On the other hand, I think this one’s fairly clear.

A few notes, though:

  • Planes in boldface have lengthy write-ups in Beyond Countless Doorways; others were merely mentioned in passing or in sidebar text.
  • Oval-shaped planes are “transit hubs”.
  • Neither Carrigmoor nor The Violet connect directly to any other major plane in the book, so haven’t been included on my map.
  • Several additional locations (described in The Complete Book of Eldritch Might) connect to The Nexus, but as this is a BCD map, they haven’t been included, either.
  • Serran is home to Malhavoc’s Arcana Evolved setting, and Praemal to Ptolus.

Feel free to use it for your own nefarious purposes; however, if you wish to repost it online, could you please leave a comment to this post, with your URL included?