In which our intrepid hero gives up playing Devil’s Advocate.

To be sure, Myanmar (that’s Burma to those of you who still pine for Pax Britannia) is a pretty nasty place, indeed. Their military junta, crushingly oppressive when they’re in a good mood, has made headlines again for wiping out a sizeable bunch of unarmed anti-government demonstrators.

Not that it’s anything out of the ordinary for the streets of downtown Rangoon, that is.

I came across an article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, and was surprised to see the following:

US President George Bush told Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi he hoped China would “use its influence in the region to help bring a peaceful transition to democracy in Burma (Myanmar).”

Bush also announced that he hoped that Smithfield Foods would step in to end famine in the Middle-East, and that he understood why Jackass was so popular with the Amish community.

He ended the press conference by performing a traditional family ritual, namely, throwing up on the Japanese Prime Minister. Unlike his father, however, Dubya’s goals are more modest. Daddy wanted to take over the world; Junior just wants to learn how to count to four.