In which our intrepid hero indulges in a bit of gaming-related whimsy.

I had a bit of a lull at work today. I’ve got a largish Call of Cthulhu shipment on its way from Chaosium, and as I thought about it, the following popped into my head:

10 Signs Your Group Should Play More Call of Cthulhu

  1. They think “Tcho-tchos” are a breakfast cereal.
  2. They didn’t gang up and kill the fisherman PC in the first session.
  3. When you smile at them from behind the screen, they all smile back.
  4. They fill out their character sheets in pen.
  5. They complain about the lack of prestige classes in Cthulhu d20.
  6. They get excited every time they uncover a new magic item.
  7. They think intra-party intrigue is a viable survival strategy.
  8. The local barmaid hits on them—and they take the bait.
  9. They correctly identify coincidence, and don’t just plug everything straight into their paranoid weltanschauung.
  10. They buy season tickets to The King in Yellow.

My apologies for the poor humour.