In which our intrepid hero broadens the horizons of young folk.

As those of you out there who’ve seen my Facebook photo albums recently will have noticed, I have a little buck-toothed friend. Even if you haven’t, you may’ve noticed him in my profile picture.

Not particularly surprisingly, his name is Beaver, a translation of the Swedish on his label when I bought him at IKEA. Since that fateful day, he’s accompanied me on my grand tour of Taswegia and has become something of a full-time travel mascot. Mim K/W and I brought him on our current trip, too.

He’s a cute little guy, although he can get annoying at times. For instance, he’s fallen in love with one of the models from this Kotex ad:

(No prizes for guessing which one. He won’t shut up about her.)

Stuck in Mildura on Good Friday (thanks to a nasty infection I caught from Mim), we were forced to forage for food; our otherwise excellent accommodations closed down their kitchen for dinner. In the end, we opted for drive-thru McDonalds, open 24 hours a day, 365.24 days a year (on average).

Beaver has spent the last couple of nights in the car, safely away from television remotes, in the hope that he might finally lose interest, deprived of the ability to channel-surf for the ad. He’s quite a personable lad, though, and popped up into Mim’s lap to say hello to the staff at the drive-thru.

Especially given the Kotex ad campaign’s popularity, it’s something you really can’t tear your eyes away from. Nevertheless, the McDonalds workers tried very hard.

I bet I can guess what they’ll talk about for the next month—Mildura isn’t the most eventful corner of the world. Hell, for some of them, it might even have been the most interesting thing to happen in their entire lives…

Heh. My work here is done.