In which our intrepid hero swears that he can maintain sanity in a house with numerous furry friends.

Further to last post, some interesting developments have occurred on the cat front.

Firstly, Tiger—who we thought was a boy—turned out to be a girl. We’ve renamed her Buffy, but it may already be too late: she could spend the rest of her life in the police force, playing soccer on weekends, and might never develop a sense of humour. On the other hand, she might go against stereotype, robbing me of the opportunity to make off-colour jokes at Germaine Greer’s expense. Ah, well.

After weathering cat flu and ringworm, Tiger (AKA Buffy) and her brother Tommy are now ready to be shown on weekends at Pet Barn in Kogarah. Hopefully, they’ll find a new home soon.

Their siblings, Sooty Jr, Misty and Tabitha Jane, are off to a new carer in Surry Hills. Saffron and Domino arrived yesterday to replace them—at one point, we had 11 cats under our roof!

Jaffa, our first foster, will be back here in the next couple of days for a three-month rehab period, after a severe leg fracture. The jury’s still out on what exactly happened, but the evidence suggests that the owners are too dumb to own a cat. I won’t go into specifics, but until now, I didn’t think that such a thing was possible.

Incidentally, pictures of these cats may be found in this Facebook album or on this page of the Sydney Pet Rescue site.

(Update: Buffy and Tommy are now our fifth and sixth children.)