In which our intrepid hero confesses his deep-seated need to blog.

When your ADSL is down for a month whilst changing providers (thanks a bunch, AAPT), your RSS-feed reading list tends to back up a bit.

My friend Alison was nice enough to lend me a USB 3G modem, but even then, things went slow; I didn’t want to eat up her bandwidth, and in any case, it appears that I live in a 3G-specific Faraday cage.

When Telstra finally connected my ADSL back up, I had several days’ reading ahead of me. As I flipped from blog to newspaper to blog, I fell into a very bad habit: I started posting links to my Facebook profile. In the end, my friends were probably getting two to five links a day, each with a snarky comment attached. It’s a wonder that I still have friends on Facebook at all.

It took me a little while to realise that this sort of behaviour is perilously close to blogging anyway.

In the meantime, however, I missed out on telling the world about the boarder we had for two weeks (until he shut one of the cats in the fridge, poured lighter fluid over his arm and set himself alight), the charity that tried to repo two of our cats, months after we’d bought them, and sundry other strange occurrences.

So I’m back, and I’ll try to post a little more regularly now.

In the interim, I’ve been playing a lot of Spore. In fact, I’ve been spending much more time in Spore’s creators My first few public creations are below:

I haven’t tried this yet, but you should be able to drag each one straight from this blog and drop it into a windowed Sporepedia, if you so choose. From there, you should be able to use them in Spore.

When not Sporing myself into unconsciousness, I’ve also slowly (as in glacially) been coming to terms with D&D 4e. I’m not really in the position to GM a game at the moment (due to player issues, mostly), so I’ve been exploring it on my own.

I’m still annoyed that WotC hasn’t yet put up their promised fansite license, nor done much towards their vaunted Digital Initiative (despite D&D Insider moving to paid subscription).

That said, I’m willing to concede that 4e isn’t entirely as crap as I first opined. I’m even willing to post 4e content here in the near future. Screw the license (or lack thereof).

Anyway, it’s early morning, and Mim K/W is watching entirely too much Bridget Jones. I should probably get some rest.

Catch you soon.