In which our intrepid hero farewells a man of conscience.

As reported here in the Sydney Morning Herald, Petro Georgiou will not recontest election in the federal seat of Kooyong.

I met him once or twice, and spoke to him briefly on the phone several other times, but I was never really close enough to Georgiou to be on a first name basis. Nonetheless, he struck me as an honest and impassioned defender of basic human rights, never given to hypocritical flights of populism; his stance against his own government’s draconian immigration and national security policies were born of compassion and idealism.

As the most prominent amongst a vanishingly small number of Liberal parliamentarians willing to cross the floor to protest ill-conceived and unjust Howard government policies, Georgiou exhibited courage not only commendable, but sorely lacking in the denizens of the House on the Hill. That courage and determination will be sorely missed.

Sadly, now that the Coalition is in Opposition, Georgiou has diminished impact in Parliament, and he plans to leave for the Real World, where his efforts may effect justice more productively.

I would like to wish Georgiou the best of luck during his remaining days in the House, and in the rest of his career.