In which our intrepid hero is inspired to a particularly boneheaded idea.

Some years ago, before he started to work for Malhavoc (let alone WotC), I subscribed to Mike Mearls’ LiveJournal, in the vague hope that he might let gaming goodness slip.

Since his tenure at WotC began, most of his gaming-related thoughts have appeared elsewhere (such as his gaming blog here, but I never really got around to unsubscribing to his LJ feed.

Today, I came across this story. Whilst it’s not really gaming-related at all, it did put an idea into my head:

Since [the stray dog who wandered into his yard] was filthy, I had to give her a bath or two, and then feed her, water her, and take her for a walk. I settled on Annie as a temporary name until we could find her owners. The cats projected feline death daggers at her with their eyes, and Bailey [his dog] was even more needy and grunty than normal, due to an acute case of jealousy. Still, after a couple hours the pets settled in with her and made her feel at home.

(NB: For the cats, making a dog feel at home involves lots of hissing and clawing.)

(Emphasis mine.)

Mim K/W and I have often discussed the deadly looks that cats give, a common phenomenon in a house with nine cats. Doesn’t it almost make sense that they have some form of gaze attack?

Irate Cat Swarm: D&D 4e stat block

And yes, they’re Evil. In the PHB, it sums up the alignment as:

It is my right to claim what others possess.

Evil characters don’t necessarily go out of their way to hurt people, but they’re perfectly willing to take advantage of the weakness of others to acquire what they want.

Remember that when you’re sitting down to dinner next.