In which our intrepid hero crosses a couple of Warhammer FRP books off his wishlist.

I just took a saunter over to FFG‘s relatively recently renovated site, in the vague hope that I might find something newish and interesting in time for Yuletide, such as the alluded-to Shades of Empire or Career Compendium for WHFRP.

Sadly not—Shades won’t be out until January; Creatures Anathema (for Dark Heresy) will be out around the same time. So neither will be in my Solstice tentacle. Oh well, it’s not as if I was good for a whole year anyway.

(In the interim, though, another Dark Heresy book will come out: Disciples of the Dark Gods releases this month, and should be on shelves out here in the Antipodes sometime before Christmas 2150. Just order it direct from FFG. Seriously.

Who knows when the Career Compendium is due.)

Tangential to Shades of Empire, co-author Steve D (interviewed here and appearing with our very own Beaver) has mint-condition, autographed copies of WHFRP sourcebooks Night’s Dark Masters, Realm of the Ice Queen and The Warhammer Companion for sale; you can check it out on his blog here.

No, I mean go there now. Give yourself (or someone you love) the gift of Warhammer this Christmas. And give Steve the gift of cold, hard cash so he can buy something he wants but otherwise couldn’t justify to himself.

His soul bleeds so he can bring you gamerly goodness. Buy his stuff. Now.