In which our intrepid hero learns that not all dice are equal.

Via Lemuria Press and Grognardia, I stumbled across this pair of YouTube videos, in which the founding father of the polyhedral dice industry, Lou Zocchi, gives his spiel at his booth at GenCon.

You can tell he’s been doing this for years; his patter’s flawless, and he addresses pretty much any complaint that consumers might have about his dice, in advance and without prompting.

You don’t often see his sort of Barnumesque, homegrown salesmanship any more, and when you do, it’s usually not done well. He’s not just after a commission, but a customer (and ultimately an advocate).

Whilst you’re always aware that he’s pushing his product, you come away feeling that you just learnt trade secrets from the Master. And that, indeed, may be the case.