In which our intrepid hero has too much to do.

There’s a tradition around Christmas-time here, on the east coast of Australia. Not one that we deliberately started, like eating ham or exchanging presents, but one that subtly shapes our lives, nonetheless. It works a little like this:

Come December, it rains. A lot. And then the internet goes down for several weeks.

I know my friend Adam (of Future Design Sydney fame) has had this problem—and may still be suffering some after effects—and I had it, too. Fortunately, it’s the telcos’ fault, so no one actually has to shell out cash to fix it, but it’s damn annoying in any case.

Anyway, I have a couple of secret projects I’m working on, but I should be back here on Sunday to write about them. Until then, Happy New Year—I hope you’ve already broken your resolutions!