In which our intrepid hero slaps himself in the head.

Have you ever had one of those days that was so busy, you had to make a list of things to do? And then lost the list? And then made another—and lost it, too? When this sort of thing happens, you begin to think that maybe some of those jobs actually get done, rather than being forgotten along the way.

Well, it turns out, this blog fell off the to-do list. I’m not entirely sure why, but sometime back in March, my brain figured that I’d written a post about why I didn’t have time to write an Ada Lovelace Day article on Dr Temple Grandin, and that I’d also foreshadowed what was to come, blogwise.

But, no, apparently not. So, to very belatedly let the cat out of the bag, I’m looking at shifting my blog to its own domain, and possibly rolling in another blog I’d laid the groundwork for earlier in the year, back before Mim K/W’s health really started to go haywire.

What’s more, I’ve pretty much decided to abstain from media and political commentary in the new blog; after all, I figure that I should blog about stuff that I like, and not things that shit me to tears.

And although I’d like to write much more on roleplaying, there are already plenty of really good D&D 4e blogs out there (Spirits of Eden comes instantly to mind); I don’t know that I really need to compete with them. In any case, there’s a lingering uncertainty about 4e blogging in the back of my mind, because Wizards of the Coast still can’t be arsed issuing a fansite policy.

But, back to the new site, I want to rope Mim K/W in to provide content as well—what, exactly, we’re still working out. We’ve mostly hammered out the graphic design (meaning that I have to find myself a full version of Photoshop again), and we’re waiting for finances to improve so we can get it commercially hosted in some random tax haven on the distant side of the planet.

Hopefully, then, it’ll be a go. I doubt it’ll be ready before GenCon Australia this year—so this blog might feature a recap—but I’d like to have the new site up soon thereafter.

Until then, it’s more crickets, I’m afraid.