And we’re back—sort of.

In September, we switched from a residential Telstra ADSL2+ plan to a business one. Whilst I was at it, I enquired about the numerous extras that came with business plans. Yes, I was assured, I would get domain rego free of charge, as well as web hosting, and server support for PHP and MySQL. That decided it.

A couple of weeks ago, once the dust had settled from our move to Cowra, I logged onto Telstra’s backend to set everything up, only to find that I couldn’t activate PHP extensions or create a MySQL database to run the instance of WordPress that I wanted to upload to my hosted webspace. So I called tech support.

The tech support guy calmly informed me that I’d only been given an email domain rego and that anything web-based would cost extra. Much extra. In fact, it turned out, Telstra’s prices are about three-and-a-half times those of their competitors. Which isn’t very much, but we’re poor, and we’ve just had to shell out thousands (much of it on credit) to move to the country. Domain rego is going to have to wait.

In the meantime, however, Mim and I decided to host our combined blog on WordPress’ servers—we can always migrate it later to a dedicated domain. In addition, I’ve imported all my old blog posts from Blogger. The formatting’s kinda screwy, and I had to change all the internal links by hand (leading to a mountain of pingbacks that also needed to be manually reconciled); I still need to chase down missing YouTube links, fix comments whose markups were stripped, see if I can manually reproduce comments from a third-party comment system I started using late in my Blogger blog’s life, and migrate images from Blogger’s to WordPress’ servers. But everything mostly works.

Welcome—or welcome back!