I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was having a few issues coming to terms with the dearth of gamers out here in the Cowra region. There’s a Warhammer 40,000 group that runs out of the PCYC, and there may be a Cowra branch of a Central Western NSW historical wargamers’ group based in Orange (which wouldn’t surprise me, given the Breakout and all)—but precious little in the way of roleplayers. There are a couple listed on online player registries within a 150km radius or so, but there’s no central location to bump into other gamers—the nearest FLGS is 190km away in Canberra.

As aware as I am of my sudden isolation from gamerdom-at-large, it didn’t really hit home until I plugged roleplaying cowra into Google. This blog has only been up five days, but already it’s in the top 20 results. Meep!