Last year, Copybot published two lists of the most interesting articles on Wikipedia—you’ve probably seen them. I’m going to do a little experiment: I’m going to try to use the list of articles to brainstorm a sandbox to play in, and see where the crazy fun takes us over the next several months. I’m not going to plug any system in particular, but it would probably work best with games like Unknown ArmiesOver the Edge or The Esoterrorists—the latter with the PCs as the eponymous reality hackers.

I’ve been using this sort of idea to build campaign arcs and adventures for years, layering character upon plot point upon background, each influencing the other. This writing technique isn’t like your typical, linear hero’s journey, but ends up as a sort of layer cake, rife with its own plot hooks and drivers. But if you push the layer cake to its logical extreme, you get what’s known as a gâteau de mille crêpes—literally a cake of a thousand crepes.

So hang on tight. It’s going to get odd.