Dave has been encouraging me to write for the blog again, but to be brutally honest I have been so crabby lately I have not felt well or creative enough to read or watch TV let alone write (my own fault, I have Coeliac Disease and had a meal with gluten in it the other day and have been so ill since… aaarrrrggghhh, I know better, it was a dumb mistake). Today seems to be a better day so I thought I might give it a go and say Hi as well as a bit more background on where we are, how we got here and the plans for the future.

As you may have read in Dave’s previous blog entries I got sick about 2 1/2 years ago… (although it feels like an eternity), when a few things that had been niggling at me seemed to have blown out of all proportion at the one time… The first and seeming to most physically obvious was the Adenomyosis which seriously screwed with my ability to go out and the accompanying Anemia was just down right rude…. at the same time it seemed then that my Graves Disease that had been in remission thought it might be fun to throw it’s hat in the ring and then go nutso, burn out and change to Hashimotos,consequently I am more tired and crabby than normal as I constantly loose my voice, have a persistent cough as my Thyroid Gland is 5 times the size it should be and I can’t shift this weight and can not partake in my one love, singing…. Then just because I was not having enough fun, when we got my neck X- Rayed to check how the previous break was going as my pain level was higher than usual it turns out I have a new break and extra bony growth at c1,c2,c3 in my spine….  YAY operation 3 on the books…. CRAP!!!! not again…. Thanks to the long standing undiagnosed Coeliac Disease (thanks to all those doctors who thought I was making it up (insert SARCASM here) and a real thank you to Dr Richard Hope for taking the time to do the biopsy to find it), I suffer from GORD annoying painful and not improving my tolerance level at all….

We still have no idea why my liver started to fail last year… all I know is I don’t have any nasty blood diseases, but other than that it remains a mystery… one I would hope we can solve sooner rather than later… the pain is still there and horrid…. Oh and that St George Hospital is dreadfully understaffed and falling apart…. but that is another post later on….

So I am now on the Disability Pension, Dave is on the Carers Pension and we are broke, but together with a plan to get through it, so that is the main thing.

Due to our sensational NSW Public Health System (take note of MORE sarcasm here), things are slow, appointments are months and months away, surgery waiting lists are even longer… Thankfully my appointment with my new Endocrinologist in Orange NSW is set for the 29th April 2010 and will be the start to getting things back on track and moving forward.

When I started to get really ill I was working as National Call Centre Manager in Sydney CBD, sadly when the doctor said your insulin level is on 102 (it should be under 10), your Thyroid is a mess and your neck is not good, the decision was made that I needed to leave work and make a lifestyle change… never a better example to make sure you have Income Protection and Health Insurance… stupidly I had neither, if I ever get back to work they will be on the priority list.

Anyway, ever since we have been on a very tight budget…. and after a string of flatmates, one who was a complete disaster and an international student who was more trouble than he was worth, we decided to move away from Sydney. Cowra NSW was our chosen destination, not too far from Sydney and reasonably priced.

The house we are currently living in is a nightmare, stinking hot and small… we can’t open the windows too much as the cats will get out and there are no screens and the rocket scientist that built this place put 8′ Corrugated Iron fences all the way around it… therefore our yard averages 56 degrees by 10am…. icky…. even if we could use the yard the grassed areas are overgrown with “Cats Head Burrs” really nasty and very painful… Short of hiring heavy machinery and removing the top 2″ soil there is not much we can do about it, so it kinda feels like we are trapped in here as finances are too tight to go out much and we don’t like to leave the cats alone in the heat….

Dave has taken to spending his days planted in front of his computer and I spend mine bored to the point of insanity alternating between the TV, computer, cleaning and harassing Dave to play board games and keep me company.

Due to funds situation going out is really not an option right now….

By now you might be thinking well stop bitching about it and do something… well we are not going to do anything to improve this house as we are moving again in about 10 days… YAY… We have had to wait for the settlement to go through on the purchased property not many other towns you can buy a house on a huge block for under 100k…. This dump is only a temporary stopover… it just really started getting to us both for the last few weeks…

I am so excited…

When we go into town, I drive past the new place on a regular basis making plans for what we want to do… it is going to look so much better when we get the gardens done, do some cleaning and get rid of the shed out the back (it is made of Asbestos, it needs to go and we will replace it)… a new kitchen and bathroom as well a paved entertaining area with a gazebo and BBQ…

We are going to get the cats an outdoor enclosure for their relaxation and enjoyment (yes they are SO spoilt), plant out Vege Gardens in raised beds, a Grey Water System, Solar Panels for electricity and Solar Hot Water, fruit  trees and masses of veges from Diggers Club, a $20 pack of seeds will provide way more than enough veg for us to live on and when we have some more cash we are looking to get the pack with the fruit trees as well… all this will be organic produce. The left over produce we can not eat will go to local charity groups to give to those less fortunate than us…

As well as the fruit, veg and water systems we are looking into Aquaponics… this is REALLY exciting, not only will it be great for the veg, but also for the fresh fish… yummo!

For an all rounded yard we are also looking at 6 Chooks and 2 Ducks for eggs and fertilizer as well as weed and bug control and 2 Miniature Goats. We have picked out a swanky new chook house for the poultry, although we are still searching for the plans for the perfect Goat Stable. I spoke to council last Friday and they have no regs against it… so mini farm it is….

I really can’t wait to see the looks on the neighbours faces when we take the goats for a walk down the street…. LOL..

Thankfully the yard is huge and there is more than enough room for everything, Dave is researching the process for making Cheese from the goats milk. The goal is to be primarily self sufficient with the least amount of chemicals and toxins around us as possible.

Well I am beginning to tire again (can’t wait to get back to the specialist so as to get some direction and answers). I have been so ill, tired and weak the last few months it has been crazy…

but before I go I just wanted to thank a few people for helping us get this far…

Claire, Dan, Ali, Robbie and Belinda, thank you so much for your help, support and muscle with the move. We would not have made it without you!

Liz H…. What can I say???  Thank You does not seem enough… you have made all this possible, we owe you so much and will never be able to repay your goodness and kindness… WE LOVE YOU!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

As for those supposed friends and family who have ignored our cry for help and are no where to be seen/heard from when we were at our lowest and it looked like we could go no lower and then kicked us when we were down… Thank You! we now know who NOT to waste our time on…. Karma will deal with you in it’s own way… We have moved on…

Well onwards and upwards to the future guys… I can’t wait to add more stories and photos of the progress and renovations to the new place and the ever expanding family…

Also keep an eye out for our cooking and kitchen stories… it should be fun learning and experimenting with more Gluten Free cooking and Organic Gardening.

Another big thank you to the beautiful and wonderful Claire for sending me a link to the following Blog –  Tartelette …. It is fabulous and through this one have found a few more that I have found informative and inspiring….

Gluten Free Girl

Artisan Bread

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Well time for a nanna nap for me now and then going next door to borrow their pony to mow our lawns – another story for another day!

Then dinner and Monopoly I think….

Have a great week all!!