Now that the first instalment of the Gateau Method has gone up without a hitch, I think I can safely say that scheduling is working. Which means that the articles should appear every Wednesday and Saturday until we get through the entire list, or until I fall behind in writing them.

I’d also like to write a regular column to appear on Mondays, but I haven’t yet worked out a subject. I’ve been thinking, maybe, a series on specialised historical criminal professions—a sort of Gary Gygax’s The Canting Crew done right—but I’m not sure whether my source materials are quite up to it.

Plus, of course, I’ve got all sorts of ideas for random one-offs. One of these weeks, too, I might get around to blogging something non-gaming-related. Between now and then, though, I’ve still got to tidy up all the housekeepingy stuff from the blog migration and tidy up the old posts.

And, sometime in the next few weeks, move house again.