One of the frustrating things about moving out here—aside from the nerve-fraying series of moves themselves—is the three-month holding pattern we’re suspended in until we can move into the house in town. You’re forced to live out of boxes, but you can’t unpack them, because before you know it, those boxes are going to have to go back on a truck to be moved out again.

Still, you need some essentials. I think I’d go mad(der) if I didn’t have a small fraction of my gaming materials to potter through, along with only a couple of reference books. I fished out Broken Sword for the Wii to keep Mim from getting too bored, a couple of cookbooks, and of course a few DVDs for us to get us through the soul-destroying summer TV off-ratings season. But every so often, I need to go rifling through stuff again, to seek out things I’d overlooked.

The real estate agent is inspecting this week, but I have to mess the place up because Mardi Gras is on Saturday—and that means that it’s time to dig out 300 for its annual watch. I wonder which box it’s in?