Earlier this morning, Timmy launched himself at my stomach like something out of Armageddon—I think he wanted his litter changed. On the way back to bed, I decided to check my email and immediately noticed a message from Shane Ivey of Arc Dream Publishing, the company that’s been working on Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity for the past couple of years. They finally have a release schedule up:

On April 19, a PDF copy of the completed work—in 256 pages of Delta Green glory—will be made available to ransomers (like my good self) who supported the project through Fundable.

By June 7, the limited-edition hardbacks should be back from the printer, and Arc Dream will begin sending them out through the mail. Honestly, I can’t wait—I’ve been hanging out to see this since the ransom offer first went up!

More on the release schedule here.

In other news (this time via Yog-Sothoth.com), Chaosium has made the scenario Lost in a Book (from their recent release, Arkham Now) available for free download.