I’m really getting ticked off with Channel Seven.

At the end of every year, they (and the other commercial channels) bombard the poor viewer throughout the off-ratings season with snippets and teasers of the following year’s blockbusters. However, by mid-March, when their showcase programmes actually start running, I find that I’m already drained of any enthusiasm I might’ve had for them; I’ve simply been overexposed to the same decontextualised soundbites to the point of apathy. Hence, I never really picked up on Lost, nor My Kitchen Rules, nor Brothers & Sisters, nor Cougar Town—you get the idea. It strikes me as a particularly dumb marketing strategy.

There’s one programme this year that I really do want to see, though: The Pacific. On top of being a history buff, I’m a huge fan of Band of Brothers, the creators’ previous effort. (Yes, I’ve done the 10-hour BoB DVD marathon more than once). I really don’t want to be so numbed out by Channel Seven’s previews that I have to give it a year’s rest and wait for the DVD boxed set to come out before I can give it a look.

Seven—who co-produced the show with HBO—were supposed to have begun airing it last year, but HBO howled them down, blocking them until yesterday, when The Pacific premiered in the US. But there’s still no word from Seven on when this year they intend to air it. And whilst they go overboard in promoting what their lineup looks like, they communicate when pretty damn poorly. Chances are that I’ll miss the first two episodes before I realise that the show’s finally running.

In the meantime, though, I’d like to share a little something that’s earwormed itself into Mim’s brain and mine lately:

You can thank me later. <evil grin>